The conference will take place in the mathematics building 4W at the University of Bath.

Hotels in Bath

The organisers have reserved hotel rooms for all speakers.

Here some recommendations for all other participants. Bath can get busy in the summer, so book as early as possible:

  • Edgar Townhouse. Quote: University of Bath (and as university contact: Elaine Ritchie) when booking.
  • Unversity accommodation. During non-term time, student accommodation is rented out to visitors. Can be either in town (John Wood House) or on campus. If you are ok with sharing a bathroom, this is a less expensive alternative to staying in a hotel, otherwise it’s similar in price.
  • Green Park House Accommodation. A similar offering from the other university in Bath (In town and seems to have private bathrooms )



Getting to Bath

From Bristol Airport

The closest airport to Bath is Bristol airport. Once there, you can take either the A4 bus to Bath or the Airport Flyer bus to Bristol main train station (Temple Meads) and then the train to Bath. The A4 bus is a big green bus that runs every 30 minutes in day time and every hour early morning and late evening; it costs £20 a return (pay to the driver in cash) and takes you directly to Bath, near the train station, in 50 minutes. The Airport Flyer is more frequent, costs approximately £7 (pay to the driver in cash) and takes you to Bristol Temple Meads in 20 minutes. There, you can buy a single trip to Bath for approximately £7. The overall journey will take approximately 50 minutes.

From London Heathrow

If you can’t find a convenient flight to Bristol airport, it’s most likely that you’ll find a flight to London. The most convenient airport to come to Bath is definitely London Heathrow. From there, there are different options to join Bath. You can take the Heathrow Express to London Paddington (approx. 30 minutes) and there take a direct train to Bath (90 minutes). You can book your train tickets online, for example on the First Great Western website. The second option is coach: National Express runs regular direct buses from Heathrow to Bath, the fastest ones take two hours and this option is generally cheaper that the previous one – you can book your tickets online on the National Express website. The third option is to take the RailAir bus from Heathrow to Reading and there a direct train to Bath. It takes approximately two hours.